Eusebio Barrera

Church/Ministry Name : Iglesia Bautista Bethel

Location: Shelbyville, KY

Phone: 502-220-2009


Ministry Description/Vision: Glorify God by teaching and preaching the gospel. To become a congregation in the Shelby area that provides the necessary help by supplying for the needs of human beings, physical as well as spiritual. I believe that with the experience that the Lord has given me, and the anointing of his holy spirit that rests in me, and the divine call, this will be possible, recognizing that everything has a price to achieve the goals my duty will be to submit in obedience and in faith to the redeeming work.

Spouse: Brenda Barrera

Worship Information

Primary Language: Spanish

Worship Attendance: 5

Total Membership: 7

Worship Location:
511 Mt. Eden Road, Shelbyville, KY 40065

Worship Times:
Thurdays(Jueves) 7pm Saturdays(Sabados) 7pm

Ministry & Prayer Update

que Dios nos habrĂ¡ las puertas de los hogares donde queremos visitar

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