Jake Davidson

Church/Ministry Name : New Beginnings Baptist Church

Location: Pembroke , KY

Phone: 2704848565


Ministry Description/Vision: We believe our mission is to make, mature, and train disciples to make disciples. This begins with a solid biblical foundation and a genuine love for Jesus Christ (2 Tim 2:2). We believe the church must have a love for Christ before it can truly love its neighbor. We intend to facilitate this through engaging biblical teaching and striving to be a community church. The church was intended to not just be a group, but a community of believers who lived in unity and obedience to the Word with a common goal in mind (Acts 2:42-47). We are building a culture that loves Jesus and will in turn love its neighbor. Jesus made it clear that the Great Commission is the mission of the church (Matt 28:18-20, Acts 1:8). Our interest is not in a certain people group, but anyone who will heed the gospel message and come follow Him with us. Our interest is not so much in growing a large church, but in growing the kingdom of God. We believe that the mission for the church is to find the lost rather than expect the lost to find the church (Luke 14:23).

Spouse: Ashley Davidson

Family Information:
I am happily married with four children: Bailey (12), Bentley (8), Luke (7), and Judah (2). We are a close nit family who spends a lot of time together fishing, swimming, and cooking out. Our family devotion time is done around the table during supper. My wife and I spend nearly every day together working from home (her as a seamstress and myself as a pastor) and we would not want it any other way.

Worship Information

Primary Language: English

Worship Attendance: 18

Total Membership: 12

Worship Location:
362 W Nashville St, Pembroke, KY 42266

Worship Times:
Sunday 10:00 am; Evangelism: Wednesday 5:00 pm

Ministry & Prayer Update

Please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom and knowledge regarding successfully reaching our mission field. The military are a very hard people to reach with the gospel and we are looking for new avenues of ministry that may be more successful. Our door-to-door evangelism ministry is still going strong and will continue, but I am hoping to add another ministry that will give us more presence in the community.

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