About Planter Portal

The only online tracking tool of its kind dedicated to missionaries and church planters

PlanterPortal helps your convention or organization connect with, vet, onboard and track your local, national or international missionaries or church planters. It is designed around your existing workflow for the application process and monthly reporting requirements.


Planter Portal Does What YOU Need


View your progress as a potential missionary, church planter or intern.


Monthly reporting of stories and statistics.


Vital statistics are entered every month and then tracked throughout the year.

Forms & Documents

Applications, conversion experiences, sponsor information and strategy are available.

Sponsor Information

Your sponsor church or association will have access to view your monthly reports.

And More...

Notifications & announcements are posted in the portal as well as email notifications.

Things that matter

The Planter Portal has a number of features to help you report and track your monthly progress.

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