About KBC Planter Portal

This online tool is dedicated to serve our planters, replanters, and apprentices

We are excited to make disciples among the lost in the commonwealth of Kentucky. This tool allows churches, associations, and the state convention to partner together in this great work.

This portal is designed to walk you through the application process alongside the church planting network of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. It also serves to assist your partners in staying involved and informed throughout your planting journey.

God is opening doors for church planters, replanters, and their apprentices in Kentucky. We are eager to explore with you how you might go through some of those doors with us.


Want to join-in on what God is doing in Kentucky? Explore these church planting options.

Church Planting

Allow the KBC church planting group to help you discern your call toward church planting.
Please click here to begin your partnership with us.


Church Replanters are needed in Kentucky! If you feel the Lord calling you toward replanting, or you would like help discerning if your current church qualifies as a replant.
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One of the most effective ways to begin your church planting/replanting journey is to work with an experienced mentor.
Please click here to learn how you can become a KBC assisted apprentice.

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with all of your questions regarding Missions, Church Planting or the PlanterPortal.